Saturday, August 8, 2009


Typo's. We've all done them, most know what they are. When your typing and you accticently type ";p;" instead of "Lol." Or "boobs" instead of "books".

I know I make alot them ina day, even now Im backspacing and re-typing. ("Know" instead of "Now.")

Isnt it annoying though, when your telling a good story over the internet and you mispell something and your friend/family/other perosn is like "What?"

I personally find it slightly embarassing, because I have to be "Grammical" all the time, even with friends parents, I fix their grammer. (Horrible, I know.)

Though sometimes they can be extreamly amusing. Like that "Boobs" instead of "books" Comment? My friend was typing to her friend and instead of putting "Alot of people die in these books" she wrote "Alot of people die in these boobs." It was hilarious! Even she was laughing to hard at the start to finish the whole story the first few times!

Well...I guess typo's arent that bad, I mean people perposly make typo's all the time. Instead of typing "Laugh Out Loud" 'LOL" Is used. and alot of other things like "Sorry." Suddenly turns into "Sry."

But sometimes they are the worst. Like today with me, Im totally annoyed about how many typo's Im making with my friend Meghan (Check out the blog Im on with her! XD *shameless self promoting*) I made at LEAST 10 typos in...10 minutes?

Well...which ever way you look at typo's, we'll all make them, we'll all see or read them and we all know one thing: We'll have to get over it no matter how much we dont want to.

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  1. Nice rant! You could be a columnist or a stand up comedian!

    I'm sure the 10 typos in 10 minutes was caused because my presence overstimulates your Fan Expo Excitement Gland, which overides your Grammar Gland.

    LOL I fix people's grammar too. Grammar snobs forever! (you're going to have fun volunteering at the workshop, the next workshop is all about editing!)